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Description of the LC Probe



Range of application

The LC Probe is used for corrosion monitoring of constructions located in soil, in water and in concrete. It gives an early warning of ongoing corrosion before the construction is ruined.

The LC Probe has a patent pending for 120 countries.



The LC probe is made of a pipe coated in plastic. Each end of the pipe is sealed to be able to fill it with a gas at high pressure. In the upper part there is a pressure meter and a valve to fill gas. In the lower part there is an area on the pipe not covered by plastic.

This area is customised regarding:

- size not covered by plastic

- material

- thickness of goods.



The LC probe is located nearby and in the same conditions as the construction it is to monitor. For the LC probe to be exposed for the same corrosion environment as the monitored construction is exposed for they are galvanic connected to each other using a cable.

When the monitored construction is exposed for corrosion so is also the LC Probe.

When and if the accepted corrosion depth of the monitored construction has been reached the same depth of corrosion has occurred on the LC Probe. As the defined area on the LC Probe has the same thickness as the accepted corrosion depth of the monitored construction the LC Probe will be penetrated. When the area is penetrated the pressure inside the pipe of the LC Probe will drop. This can be seen on the pressure meter.

This indicates that something has happened on the monitored construction.


LC Probe upper part


1. Sensor for measuring gas pressure changes inside the LC Probe.




2. Cable to connect to the monitored construction.

3. Valve for filling gas.

4. Flexible pipe going down to the probe.


Cross section LC Probe
lower part




7. Space for gas under pressure

8. Pipe from upper part

9. Plastic cover

10. Surface to indicate corrosion penetration. Defined thickness (X mm) and material



LC probe lower part





LC Probe installed for pipes





Installation on gas pipe




Installation in the ground can be done using

a ground drill.



Installation on gas pipe




Hole to for the LC probe to be installed in.


Installation on gas pipe




LC probe installed in the ground. Yellow

cable to be connected to the pipe using

existing connections in the cabinet.



Installation on gas pipe




LC probe and pressure meter installed in

existing cabinet.



LC probe installed for concrete




11. LC Probe in reinforced


12. Connection LC Probe





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